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Video: George Galloway for Rochdale?

Welcome to Rochdale! Located in England, this historic town has recently become the political center for George Galloway, MP and leader of the Workers Party. On March 1, 2024, George Galloway triumphantly returned to Parliament with a decisive victory in the Rochdale by-election. His campaign, prominently featuring his anti-Zionist stance, advocacy for Palestine, social conservatism, and left-wing economic policies, garnered significant attention.

"Keir Starmer - this is for Gaza," announced the former Labour MP after securing 12,335 votes, significantly leading his closest opponent by nearly 6,000 votes.

Rochdale, previously a Labour stronghold, experienced a profound political shift following Labour's withdrawal of support for their candidate, Azhar Ali, due to controversial remarks considered antisemitic. This development facilitated Galloway's remarkable triumph.

What are the perspectives of the Rochdale populace on these events? We explored the streets of this northwestern English town to engage with the locals about their electoral decisions and the motivations behind them. Their insights are revealing. Join us as we delve into the views of Rochdale's residents.

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Great interview..thoughtful people.

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