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Writers' guidelines

  • All articles must be pitched to the editorial team (include “pitch/feature pitch” in the subject of the email or as a preface to a message)

  • All articles, unless specified, must be no longer than 900 words

  • All articles , unless specified, must endeavour to be longer than 700 words

  • Articles will only be longer than 900 if they are specific feature or interview articles 

  • All articles must provide in-text links to sources and citations where appropriate 

  • All writing is expected to be thoroughly proof-read - Europinion values quality over quantity

  • Articles must be accurate and well substantiated 

  • Articles should be the writer's voice, the writer's opinion, the writer's perspective - champion your view of the world - shout it loud and clear


All articles must follow the “Three I’s” rule: articles cannot be inflammatory, inciting or insulting

  • “inflammatory” refers to language which is deliberately polemic and/or offensive 

  • “inciting” refers to language which directly incites hatred and/or calls for violence 

  • “insulting” refers to language which is abusive or hateful in nature - you lose the argument when you resort to name-calling!


Hate speech and calls to violence are unacceptable at Europinion and will not be tolerated 


WhatsApp pitches: pitches sent into the group chat are springboards, you can take a pitch anyway you like but do take them up! It is a great way to keep up your article numbers and explore new ideas!


Promote your articles on social media, through word of mouth and anywhere else you can! Spread the word and help us all grow. The more eyes and ears on your work the better! Don’t be shy, make your voice heard!



  • Be opinionated 

  • Be accurate 

  • Be self-critical 

  • Think twice 

  • Substantiate your claims 

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