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Style guide


  • We want to see an opinion article - not an essay.

  • Shout your opinion loud and clear throughout, but be respectful.

  •  We don't just want a summary of events! We are Europinion for a reason

Basic Guidelines

  • 700-900 words. Boom. Bosh. Bam. Concise, precise writing is much easier to read than a waffle-ridden diatribe, especially for the average reader.

  • Simple sentences and short paragraphs. Write is as if you are a saying it!

  • If your non-political friends couldn't understand it, then it isn't accessible enough!

What makes a good article?

  1. Original, snappy headline. Catch the reader's eye from the word go.

  2. Introduce your topic. What's happened? When? Who? How? Why?

  3. The main bit. What do you think about what's happened?

  4. The ending. Sum it all up in a sentence or two. What's your final world? 

  5. Throughout, give us your opinion.

  6. Bonus - integrate some wit or a splash of humour. If you personally think that [insert target politician's name here] is as useful as a chocolate teapot, tell us precisely that. In those words. Yes, it really is that simple!

Bottom Lines

  • By all means, use statistics - but to support your opinion, not just on their own. Fact-dropping won't cut it. We need to see your argument shine through. 

  • A Europinion article should be fun to write. Some brief research and then bang - go off and respectfully rant and rave all you like!

Brief Disclaimer

It's about balance. The best articles will combine factual context, some supporting evidence and - most importantly of all - your opinion. Distribute your eggs across all three baskets, or else your argument will not read smoothly. 

For any questions, please do not hesitate to message the editorial team at:

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