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Who we are 

Healthy society thrives on open, honest discussion. It is important to listen to a variety of viewpoints to help formulate our own ideas and views, with the hope to create a better life for all. That is why we have taken the initiative to launch Europinion - an independent political platform - to give a voice to those who wish to have their voices heard. Covering a variety of political, economic, and cultural topics, Europinion provides an interesting forum for debate on all manner of European affairs, and those of the wider world. Together, the power of honest journalism and sharing of variegated but well-argued perspectives, can serve to build a better tomorrow. 

Europinion specialises in publishing opinion articles and current affairs commentary online daily, hosting engaging in-person and online events in both the UK and Europe, producing high-quality podcasts and other media content, as well as conducting investigative journalism and research. We also produce an eponymous biannual print publication, targeted at the top educational institutions across the UK, Europe, and the wider world.

Our Story

"It is indisputable that the world is in a state of flux, with vitriol and anger permeating through our political discussions, when the stakes have never been higher. Coming out of the pandemic into an evidently new society, the world faces many challenges from climate change, ensuring security and defence, societal instability, and the effects of a destabilised international order. To overcome these challenges, we must work together but most importantly, listen to each other to form nuanced, insightful views on the world and be better placed to implement real change. That is why I decided to launch Europinion, to provide a platform for likeminded individuals to come together and showcase not only their journalistic skills, but also to help assist in that pursuit of increasing political engagement through the sharing of one's own perspectives."            


Will Kingston-Cox,14 June 2023

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Institute for a Greater Europe
Beirut Political Review
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