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Bridging the gap?: An assessment of RFK Jr.’s presidential campaign

Taylor Green

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., also known as RFK Jr., has emerged as a newly popular candidate and entirely revolutionary. He represents a figure that borders on right-wing rhetoric with an image that gleams blue, tying him to perceptions as a Democrat for which his connection seems an affiliated performance. Recently, we've seen him appear everywhere.

However, receiving most praise from right-wing pundits and scorned by the left. Though there is this tinge of Democrat talking points that line his tongue. In other instances, he can seem deserving of being placed on the opposite side of the political aisle.

Nevertheless, it's inarguable that this kind of candidate is what the right is looking for. Despite representing a little political chaos, he could seek to unite this nation, which seems so politically distant.

Supposing we must look at his uniting capabilities as a point of praise. In that case, I see him quickly putting off liberal voters. This is quite a significant omission, with liberals amassing a critical strand of the electorate. His conspiratorial rhetoric also isn't enough to foster a stable voter base.

I believe the electorate votes for individuals who share their political views, and Kenedy Jr. leaning too far one way will become alarming for most.

Kennedy Jr. represents this leaning in conspiratorial thought. For example, his views on the pandemic and vaccinations. His running, therefore, could bring together radicals that exist on the right to the left.

Still, with such extreme rhetoric, RFK Jr., is hardly one to win over the left and seems to be a spanner to their election push. It seems to me it could hand the election to the right wing with a candidate that appears to be all over the place and for which many at this point in time just hope for leadership that brings stability.

And this is one thing Kennedy Jr. struggles to bring to the table. Trump illustrates why presidents shouldn't be outspoken and chaotic. It tends to tense up previously positive foreign relations. A president, above all else, requires neutrality and diplomacy.

RFK Jr. also seems to be spreading a bit thin in his campaign. Despite that, his capacity to unite the nation through patriotic ideals is promising. It will derail, though, if he must fight across multiple ideologies. Trump was a popular reactionary because he bombarded his way through candidates. He hardly sought to please different groups. Ultimately, this moulded supporters around him.

I can see this similar attitude seeping deep into Kennedy's campaign. I feel that the knowledge he legitimates will bring displeasure to Americans. Therefore, his big plans in office regarding ending Big Tech's dominance and de-platforming ability will seem a very petty focus.

Overall, being banned from Twitter and sorting your gripes with big businesses that have done over influential people hardly matter to most citizens in the US. Such policies are also entrenched in right-wing thought over the apparent witch hunt online against conservatives. These are more positions voters wouldn't want to be attached to.

Moreover, the follow-up to Kennedy Jr. is tricky. There likely won't be another similar candidate after him. The same was found in Trump. While his onset creates popularity, this soon fades away after he's served his purpose.

Kennedy has found such popularity across the aisle by dealing with real issues that represent all citizens. Americans are sick of the liberal peddling virtue signalling from the left.

That is where Kennedy Jr. founds his appeal. Though Biden is working hard to rival this. Biden is garnering support from blue-collar workers in promises of high-paying low-skilled work, speaking thus to a highly neglected and important workforce. He's also sought to gain support from university students, asserting himself as a critical rival to Kennedy Jr. campaign. 

Kennedy's biggest issue may be a poor level of diplomacy, despite his experience in the political field. Much like Trump, RFK Jr. is controversial compared with most Democratic candidates. Moderates appreciated candidates like Biden for his ability to act how a president should when conducting foreign affairs with neutrality. Trump, in office, courted dictators and carried out egregious threats against them. This doesn't represent the image the US wants to harbour.

Not to expect this same level, but Kennedy Jr. is quick to justify Putin's attacks, urging the US to consider the conflict from a Russian standpoint. Kennedy is less than sympathetic in attempts to continue assisting Ukraine any longer to defend itself from Russia's invasion. He instead wants to divert this funding. He argues that funding Ukraine has contributed to the loss of life

Additionally, if Kennedy Jr. were to reduce funding to focus on the US national spending budget, they would reduce Ukraine's security as they’re their biggest funders. Considering the EU's commitment to funding Ukraine, this reduction would cause tenser relations in almost dismissing Europe's ally-affiliated political conflict.

RFK Jr.'s efforts to focus centrally on the US rather than global ties would start tense global relations. Trump's reign broke down and strained strong relations with allies and caused unease in Europe because of this.

In this way, we could expect much the same from Kennedy Jr. as an unpopular leader among European allies. Although his political experience could aid his decision-making and make him less rash. Kennedy Jr. also seems to focus much less on an expansionist US. He instead attempts to heal the nation, which is most welcome. He hinges on what Trump had started with promoting "American-first businesses." This could allow him to focus less on the US' international responsibilities which will likely cause other nations to sweat who require desperately US support.

Overall, this candidate's appeal will be appreciated by few. He can simultaneously pull away voters that he can magnetise towards his campaign with expectations of pooling those from different political leanings altogether. Unfortunately, it's a challenging unmanageable election bid attempting to represent all matters of views of the American people.

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