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Video: Nigel Farage for Clacton?

Welcome to Clacton! The seaside town in Essex looks set to elect Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK.

On June 3, 2024, Farage announced his candidacy in the general election and assumed leadership of Reform UK. Despite earlier statements to the contrary, Farage decided to run for the Clacton seat, a decision he attributed to his time spent on the campaign trail and his desire not to disappoint his supporters. The Essex seat, first won by a UKIP MP in 2014, currently holds a Conservative majority of 24,702. However, Reform UK is anticipated to challenge this majority significantly.

But what do the people of Clacton think about these developments? We explored the streets of this English seaside town to engage with locals about their voting preferences and the underlying reasons. Join us as we uncover the diverse opinions of Clacton's residents. Their responses may be enlightening.

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Great interviews...all about the voter not the interviewer. Fascinating insights into people's thinking.

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