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'The Future of Transnistria: A Regional Perspective' webinar
Thu 26 October 2023, 17.00-19.00 (BST)

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Europinion was priviliged to hold an exciting discussion around the future of Transnistria, with a focus on regional perspectives from Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. Proudly hosted in conjunction with the University of Oxford and T-Intelligence.

Webinar schedule

  • Topic 1: Does Russia have any realistic military ambitions in Transnistria? To what extent is this determined by the outcome of the invasion of Ukraine?

  • Topic 2: How can Moldova or Ukraine achieve membership of either the European Union or NATO with the Transnistrian question unsolved? Could the West possibly use military force against the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR)?

  • Topic 3: How much agency does Transnistria, or even Moldova, have in determining its future, vis-a-vis Russia, NATO, and the European Union?

  • Q+A: After the initial discussions, the panellists will answer selected questions from the audience



  • Will Kingston-Cox (moderator) - Europinion

  • Dr Marnie Howlett - DPIR; University of Oxford

  • Vlad Şutea - T-Intelligence

  • Patrick René Haasler - Europinion

Click here to view this event on the University of Oxford's REES website. 

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