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Media, Politics & You: Writing for the Public
Fri 24 November 2023, 15.00-17.00 (GMT)

Europinion Media Power and You poster.png

Europinion had the pleasure of holding its first in-person event - ‘Media, Politics & You: Writing for the Public’ - in conjunction with Aberystwyth University!

Our Media Editor, Adam McCartan, and Regular Contributor, Lucy Gardner, gave their insights and advice on how best to get involved in opinion writing to those looking to get politically active through journalism and the media.

They were joined by Prof Milja Kurki, who chaired the event, and Dr Tom Vaughan, who, too, gave his discernment on how to get politically engaged through the media and public writing, as well as exploring the interplay between the media, politics, and democracy.


Many thanks to Adam, Lucy, Milja, Tom, and all those who attended!

It was great to see so many students keen to understand the importance of youth engagement in politics through journalism and fostering open, honest discussion!


Image: Europinion; from left to right: Lucy Gardner, Adam McCartan, Dr Tom Vaughan, and Prof Milja Kurki; 24.11.2023, Aberystwyth Univeristy

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