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UACES Conference, Trento

The Greenlight to Accession: Integrating Moldova and Ukraine through Knowledge, Expertise, and Communications


As Moldova and Ukraine celebrate their invitations to start accession negotiations, the EU nevertheless faces several substantial challenges regarding political communication and knowledge production about their prospective new candidates. Firstly, the bloc must challenge Russian-centric knowledge about the post-Soviet area, which is deeply ingrained in western parts of Europe. Russia has long been a gatekeeper of knowledge about Ukraine and other countries in the region. 

This panel will address these issues by bringing academics, civil society activists, and stakeholders together to effectively identify ways to mitigate fake news dissemination. It will identify reliable resources for its members and examine how best to make that information accessible to provide thought leadership regarding enlargement in the context of the rise of populism and technocratic governance in the EU. 


Trento, 3 September 2024

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