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GB News Has "Got Boris 'Done'!"

Updated: May 23

The news channel, trailed as the "British Fox News", recently came under fire, suspending presenter Laurence Fox after he made a series of vile, misogynistic comments about political correspondent Ava Evans. Paul Marshall, who is worth an estimated £680 million and apparently passionate about "changing the lives of poor children through education", co-launched GB News in 2021 to counterbalance the alleged "left-to-centrist" bias of conventional British news media – not really sure what news he'd been watching.

According to Tim Montgomeire, Marshall could have gone into the House of Lords, he was keen to have a real influence on British politics, and it's the media that really makes the political decisions. In design, GB News emulates Fox News, the US news channel notorious for platforming hate speech and its uniquely dangerous hold over politicians.

For some time now, GB News has financially struggled as brands are reticent about advertising their products on such a controversial channel. Previously, the channel has been reprimanded for "demonising trans people" and promoting "antisemitic conspiracy theories". The official broadcasting regulator Ofcom has launched several investigations into the news channel for its failures to meet its broadcasting code and condemned the channel for airing "materially misleading" statements about COVID-19 vaccinations.

GB News viewers have made forty-five complaints for its overwhelming coverage of Conservative Party views. On one occasion, GB News breached impartiality rules when an MP interviewed the sitting chancellor from the same party!

In its efforts to restore credibility after the Laurence Fox scandal, GB News proudly announced Fox's replacement will be none other than erstwhile Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It has recently been exposed that 10 Downing Street had a particularly "nasty, misogynistic culture" when Boris Johnson was prime minister, aided no doubt by Johnson's trade mark "lads down the pub" and "boys will be boys" persona. Revealed by ongoing Covid-19 inquiries, WhatsApp messages between Johnson and key advisers like Dominic Cummings exhibit some "pretty disgusting language and misogynistic language", said George Osborne. It seems that GB News has had out with the old misogynist and in with the new.

Announcing his new role on GB News, Johnson says he will be sharing his "unvarnished views" on foreign and national affairs. In his history of political writing, Johnson has a long record of unapologetically making sensational, sexist, homophobic, and racist comments - comments I am sure will be welcomed and encouraged on GB News.

Johnson also said he would be explaining why he believes Britain's "best days are yet to come. And why on the whole the people of the world want to see more 'global Britain', not less". I'm not sure who he's asked, but I'd say it's more likely that most of the world is pretty tired of seeing Britain.

The tantamount British Supremacy Podcast, GB News, is currently presented by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and staunch Brexiteer and Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg. Farage left the Conservative Party in 1990 when Prime Minister John Major signed Britain up for the Maastricht Treaty (the inchoate European Union) and launched his successful Brexit campaign. He has jested that if he rejoined the Conservative Party, he'd probably be leader by 2026. Colleague and fan Rees-Mogg said that the party ought to "roll out the red carpet" for Farage if he wanted to rejoin, and former Home Secretary Priti Patel hailed Farage's role in delivering Brexit and helping Johnson win the 2019 election. Farage, Rees-Mogg, and Johnson brazenly express their far-right beliefs. So, we must hope that GB News never garners as much political influence as its counterpart in the US. Image: 10 Downing Street

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