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Double Standards and Hypocrisy: Why are Palestinians being neglected by the West?

Updated: Mar 5

Caoimhe Mahon

The United Nations previously named 2022 as the deadliest year to date for

Palestinians. However, with violence mounting and the death toll rising it appears

2023 could prove to be even deadlier. In the first month of the new year at least

twenty-nine Palestinians were killed, five of whom were children.

Each day, in the occupied West Bank, Israel carries out raids which often result in

violent confrontations and killings of Palestinians. In March 2022 Israel launched a

military campaign entitled ‘Break The Wave,’ which they deemed to be a

counterterrorism campaign which would work to apprehend any individuals involved in

attacks against Israeli civilians. This however, seems ironic considering the sheer

amount of civilian Palestinian casualties and deaths at the hands of the Israelis, who

claim only to be targeting Palestinian fighters.

As illegal Israeli settlements seemingly expand further across the occupied West Bank

it would appear that illustrations of physical force and acts of intimidation by Israel

are deepening further diminishing the rights of the Palestinian people.

Despite the fact that the increased level of raids resulted from policies introduced

under former Prime Minister Yair Lapid, the brutality of the Israeli government only

extended further into the new far-right government under Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu has even elevated the status of figures such as

Itamar Ben-Gvir within the Israeli government despite the fact that he issued support

towards the man responsible for the killing of twenty-nine Palestinians as they

attended a Mosque in 1994.

All of this appears to be falling upon deaf ears amongst Western leaders. Western

leaders who not only sit back and let Palestinians be slaughtered but who

simultaneously project forward hypocritical views for example when it comes to


When Ukrainian civilians arm themselves and stand forth they are considered to be

protecting themselves and their nation however, when Palestinians do the same they

are deemed terrorists.

Such hypocrisy extends beyond the political powerheads of Western politics and into

mainstream Western media who play a hegemonic part in influencing public opinion in

the West in order to appease and consequently extend a specific agenda.

Western media can be condemned, most recently, for their coverage of an Israeli

attack on Gaza which saw fifteen people killed, including four children.

Despite making headlines globally the tone and wording of the coverage differed depending

on where the story was broadcast. Many took to social media to speak out against the

approach of displaying ‘both sides’ whilst others condemned the choices of Western

publications to focus on the PTJ killings whilst simultaneously neglecting to mention

the innocent children killed in the attack.

When compared to the portrayal of war in Ukraine and Russia it is clear that there is a

double standard in approach. Ukrainians are deemed to be survivors and heroic but

these words are not extended to the Palestinians. Once again reinforcing the

hypocrisy of the West as the language and agenda of the politicians infiltrate into

areas of Western Media.

This became evident most recently during the screening of the 2023 Eurovision Song

Contest in Liverpool. During the national Jury vote the spokesperson for Poland began

her delivery by saying their, “hearts were in Ukraine and with Ukraine so stay strong.”

She then proceeded to, with great enthusiasm, offer her twelve points to Israel. This

depicts the lens at which people view Palestinians and Ukrainians through alongside

Russia and Israel. A lens distorted by conflicting agendas and bias.

In fact, the agenda and interests of the political and economic powerheads seemingly

take priority and become the core influencing factor when molding the language of

the masses used in conflict portrayal. The events of the Eurovision song contest act as

a clear example of the double standards and hypocrisy that circulate Palestine and

Israel when compared to the portrayal of Ukraine.

Image: Associated Press (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg)

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