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Cyrus Larcombe-Moore

Director and Editor-in-Chief

Cyrus Larcombe-Moore is a journalist and poet with Essential Tremor from Devon. He received a degree in English Literature from the University of Manchester in 2023 and begins an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature in 2024. Cyrus is co-writing a research paper with Dr John Roache and has a major publication upcoming. 

His poetry has won Foyle's Young Poet of the Year, the Chimera Project's Digital, Web-Based, and New Media Art Award and been long-listed for the National Poetry Prize. In 2020, Cyrus published his debut collection, UnPunched. They have since published widely including with the Poetry Society, the National Tremor Association, as part of The Ancient Mariner Big Read, and with Pilot Press in Responses to Forbidden Colour.

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