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Call for submissions - Edition 1: (R)evolution

Europinion now invites submissions to our inaugural print edition, under the general theme of '(R)evolution'.

Our world is irrefutably changing. People and politics are on the move. Conflicts are heating up and so, too, is public mood.

Is what we witness today an inevitable by-product of a rapidly changing world with a politics that quickly evolves with it? Or is the body politic - both domestic and international - living in increasingly revolutionsing times, on the precipice of ushering in a new era?     


We at Europinion believe that healthy societies thrive on open, honest discussion, where we listen to a variety of viewpoints to help formulate our own ideas and views. However, it seems that politics has become a game of derision and division, but was it ever any different?


We believe that change is afoot. Whether in the halls of governments, on the streets, between nations or in our homes, we see a major transformation occurring. The course of our political travel is perpetually swinging from side to side in what seems like erratic gusts of politics. What could steady the ship? Or would you rather see the boat turn around? Even sunk? 


In this inaugural edition, Europinion encourages you to be bold and state your take on the world. We want to hear your voice. This (r)evolution shapes our world actively or covertly, and we invite you to share your perspectives on this transformative time. 

All submissions must be received by Friday 1 March 2024.* Submissions must be emailed to along with a short bio of the author.


Op-eds - 700-900 words

Feature articles** - 1000-1250 words

Book mini-reviews - 250 words

For formatting and more information, please visit our style guide and writers' guidelines.

*Consideration should be given to the expected launch date of late April 2024. Articles must be timely and relevant but not acutely time sensitive.

**Please enquire with the editorial team via email before submitting a feature article. Feature articles submitted without prior consultation may be rejected.

Image: Reuters/Stephane Mahe

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